Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Cars Models For 2018 In View

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Cars of today continue to attain increasing heights of innovation and remodification that only makes us wonder what exactly would be obtainable in the next calendar year.

Its a few munites to 2018 and is only ripe to say that the year 2017 had been an amazing one for the automotive industry with groundbreaking innovations and modifications it's only ideal to say that the best is still to come in the 2018 calendar year.

We ll take a look at a few car models that should rock the waves come 2018.


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Everone knows Honda for its luxury and overwhelming emphasis on designs both in and out but the 2018 edition of the Accord Honda,s foremost Sedan has taken a big facelift.

Restyled with flair buoyancy and performance in mind the 2018 Accord is easily a go-to choice for a luxury sedan advanced with full functionality. packed under the hood is it's newly improved turbocharged inline four-cylinder engine which takes the stage in place of the more renowned six plugs giving it a whole new dimension when it comes to fuel efficiency.

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Audi continues to make a bold statement in the automotive world this time around with  the  Q5 series which doubles as its best selling car brand, currently refined with luxury, power and an impeccable technological usual it is in the aspect of engine remodification that the Q5 beats our imagination a 2 litre turbocharged inline four  with the capacity to do 23 MPG on city roads and 27 MPG on the high ways now that is what we call maximum fuel economy in high places.


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Ford is renowned for size which ultimately translates to torque but in 2018 there,s really much more to expect, with an improved 3.5-litre V6 engine equipped with twin turbos the all-new expedition for 2018 is built not just for grit but also enhanced fuel economy.


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One constant variable of the Chevrolet Impala remains its size but in 2018 a whole lot more exciting features have been included to make the Impala a nice and comfy ride. now equipped with the latest in-car technology like the GPS navigation, WIFI, Apple car play and lots more.

It is not only in design that the Impala boasts of significant improvements it is also equipped within the hood too now blessed with two fuel-efficient engine options a four-cylinder and a V6 its only safe to say that the Chevrolet Impala is indeed now an all round Car.

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