Friday, 24 November 2017

Three Routine Car Checks To Be Carried Out Every Six Months

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 Cars are very essential for mobility be it for business or pleasure, the thought of moving around so seamlessly from point A to B remains paramount. to keep our cars going there has to be some conscientious measure in carrying out routine maintenance every now and then, be it  periodic maintenance that keeps our cars on the road at all times or certainly routine checks that ensure that the most vital and delicate components of our automobiles withstand the test of time.

This Post Xrays three routine  car check that should be carried out every six months all in a bid to keep those iron horses right on the road.


Your car ignition system is one area that  is of utmost significance without this aspect of your car rearing to go certainly there would be lots of drivability problems cropping up here and there, the ignition system of your car mainly comprises of the spark plugs, recoil systems and, and a few other components here and there, due to excessive use, harsh or terribly bad weather conditions or poor maintenance culture these components gradually deteriorate over time leading to poor engine or vehicular performance. to keep your car in optimal shape its best to regularly  check or better still replace worn out ignition components like the spark plugs and recoil starters at least once in every six months all in a bid to keep your engine bursting on the roads.

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The importance if a car suspension cannot be over emphasized, with a  good suspension system in a car there,s the assurance of balance stability, good and ample handling and in some cases enhanced fuel economy, in other words a car,s performance is also largely dependent on how good its suspension system is. The suspension system of a car comprises of the shock absorbers, stabilizer linkages,, Lower and upper arms , stabilizer rods, and the various bushings associated with these parts, due to poor road conditions and extreme weather, these parts get worn out easily, periodically checking for absorber leaks , broken bushings, bent linkages every now and then can help maintain a cars rigidity.


Tires are simply the last line of defense in an automobile the only connection, between a car and the road. Age, bad weather condition and poor roads are the greatest determinants of how well tires will continue to be relevant to a car, periodic tire swap or rotations ( every six months)  is highly recommended.


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