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How To Know When You Have A Bad Shock Absorber.

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Cars are specifically built with comfort, dependability and usability in mind. a car suspension is one area that is quite complex regardless of its simplicity, its is your suspension that enables it sit elegantly on the road while in full flight. suspension problems in a car might vary from poor or erratic handling, squeaky or unusual noise beneath the car and in some extreme cases drivability problems as well.

While the suspension system of a car comprises of different components that makes it a whole its is the shock absorber that we take a special interest on giving its unique and distinctive function in an automobile. the shock absorber is one component of an automobile that hardly goes unnoticed especially in areas or regions with seemingly bad roads it is these absorbers that are responsible for dousing the impact of driving through very rough surfaces.

In times past i have motorist or car owners come up with questions like " how do i know if i have a bad shock absorber" pretty simple to say but then certain symptoms we ordinarily would attribute to bad shock absorbers might just be as a result of other bad suspension components, this post xrays how you can really know when you have bad shock absorber in your car.

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1. Unusual Noise On Rough Terrains.

One sure way of knowing if you have a bad or leaked shock absorber in your car is to look out of unusual bumpy noise on rough roads. this bumpy noise manifests when you drive across rough terrains which as a result exposes the deficiencies of your already worn out absorbers.

2. Excessive Vibrations On Rough Roads.

Excessive Vibrations while coasting on rough roads is another clear pointer to the fact that your car shocks are already due for replacements, sometimes these vibrations could also be attributed to worn out shock pads  but in most cases is attributed to a failing shock absorber.

3. Poor Handling 

Poor handling remains another notable symptom of bad shock absorbers in a car the function of the shock absorbers is to maintain stability while in motion but with bad shocks ( particularly in the front end) handling is certainly gonna be a problem especially while on top speed.

Whatever might be th cases making keeping  a close tab on the condition of your vehicle shock absorbers and making sure the are in good condition could go a long way.

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