Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Volvo To Discontinue Gas Powered Cars By The End Of 2019.

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  photocredit / volvocars.com

Renowned Swedish car manufacturers Volvo have decided to follow the trend in the automotive world with their decision to forgo gas powered vehicles by the end of 2019, this would literately mean by 2020 Volvo would no longer produce cars that that would be powered by gas engines alone

With the world fast embracing alternative energy sources its only imperative that automobile manufacturers seek for other sources to power newer cars rather than depend solely on gas.

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 photocredit /media.volvocars.com

This development would pitch Volvo in line with the likes of Tesla who are already foremost in this category and  also other notable manufacturers who have also ventured into the electric / Hybrid car segment.

Volvo cars are renowned for their durability and easy to maintain feature .