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Few British Cars Brands That Have Truly Been Classic.

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British cars have always been a symbol of heritage culture history and perhaps style over the year and indeed decades, as classic as they may seem to appear now there still a lot to pinpoint in terms of class when compared to cars from other regions.

British cars have always adorned that feel of royalty having that symbolic presence that not only captivates but sends out a message of elegance and design, we ll take a look a a over few British cars that have truly been classic during their hey days and what they still represent in modern times.

1. Morris Minor

The Morris minor is one British car  that was indeed classic in its sense of the word designed by renowned Alec Issigonis the Moris Minor made its first outing in the spring of 1948 at the earls court motor show and went ahead to sell over 1.3 million units world wide.

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Built mainly as a saloon or tourer the Morris minor was also available in several other variants which included the panel van and pick up styles, its unique British like design made it quite exceptional and truly a stand out amongst its competitors.

2. Rover 

Rover would certainly edge its name in history as the British car brand that promised so much but delivered quite little not because it lacks the quality but surely for reasons best left as they are.

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The rover group is an English car brand with its origin traced back to the 1870,s first noted for producing highly superior bicycles and motorcycles in its early days to modelling what could be assumed as one of Britain,s finest cars of all times Austin Rover could well certainly have earned its place in the positive side of history books.

With popular cars like the rover FREE LANDER, the Rover SEVENTY FIVE of more recent, the Rover TWO HUNDRED, FOUR HUNDRED and EIGHT HUNDRED SERIES its purely no doubt that the rover group now owned by TATA motors truly was one of Britain’s classic car brand of all times.

3. Mini Cooper

We all know the Mini cooper right ? that tiny small car that always comes with a bang with a whole lot pack right under the hood, the mini cooper is one of Britain,s best selling cars with its origin traced back to 1964, it derives it concept and design from Sir Alec Issigonis the brains behind the legendary Morris minor little wonder its got all the attributes of an original English classic car.

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Now a part of the BMW family the Mini cooper boasts of some exciting models which includes the MINI HATCH, MINI CLUB MAN, MINI COUNTRY MAN, MINI COUPE and the MINI PACE MAN all of which are design to embed what the cooper represents 

4. Jaguar

Jaguar represent the apex of British Luxury car brand with a whole resemblance to what luxury represents in the eyes of the English car enthusiast, originally controlled by the Jaguar Land rover, it now has its its allegiance to the Indian owned TATA Motors a deal that brokered since 2008.

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Jaguar cars are notably for Luxury with popular models like the S-TYPE , F-TYPE, JAGUAR FE and XE versions holding sway, its designs and concept certainly befits class and luxury not forgetting its heavily built hood with powerful v6 and v8 fitted to complements its royal status Jaguar cars are still being used today as part of the monarchical fleet little wonder its till being adjudged as one of the British car brands that have truly been classic.



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